1996 Pennsylvania Cup Championship Final Standings

Note: These were calculated LONG after the fact, by hand, from old results. As a result, they (a) don't include open boats, at least not yet, and (b) might be wrong. Please be assured that eventually I'll get them cleaned up and make those problems go away. ---Rsk 9/99
Riversport SLLehigh SLCodorus SLFiddler's Elbow SLBellefonte SL
ClassPlacePointsNamePenn Cup PointsPenn Cup PointsPenn Cup PointsPenn Cup PointsPenn Cup Points
K-113Rako, Steve11111
K-127Wolownik, Todd32402
K-138Sunday, Jared20033
K-149Bupp, Richard00225
K-1513Calhoun, Chris40504
K-1614Horlacher, Robert73056
K-1715Kulawiec, Rich50647
K-1815Womble, Thomas04308
K-1920Rosato, Nicholas857012
K-11023Frans, Alan969811
K-11123O'Brien, Kevin08870
K-11225Bohlman, Steven100069
K-11325Long, James600910
K-11427Kuhn, Kevin0710100
K-11533Powell, Richard0911013
K-11633Cassebeer, Aaron01012110
K-1W13Steiner, Allison10111
K-1W25Rako, Kathleen31232
K-1W37Welsh, Shanna20023
K-1W410Rako, Jennifer42040
K-1W513Reeves, Shannon03055
K-1W614Everett, Jamie04370
K-1W715Gelblat, Renee50064
C-113Rako, Steve21211
C-125Jacob, Ben10022
C-138West, Cliff III42343
C-1410Koeppe, John30034
C-1511Frans, Alan04205
C-1612West, Cliff Jr53450
C-1W11Welsh, Shanna10011

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