1998 Pennsylvania Cup Championship Final Standings

Note: These were calculated LONG after the fact, by hand, from old results. As a result, they (a) don't include open boats, at least not yet, and (b) might be wrong. Please be assured that eventually I'll get them cleaned up and make those problems go away. ---Rsk 9/99
Riversport SLLehigh SLCodorus SLFiddler's Elbow SLBellefonte SL
ClassPlacePointsNamePenn Cup PointsPenn Cup PointsPenn Cup PointsPenn Cup PointsPenn Cup Points
C-1W13Caroline Ortmann11112
C-1W15Sara Barontini20021
C-113Will Seeley21111
C-127Allan Frans03272
C-137John Koeppe10033
C-148Jim Graham42024
C-1510Peter Druian34366
C-1614Fulton, Robbie67455
C-1714Casey Eichfeld55547
C-1820Frans, Wesley86699
C-1922Barr, Steve78788
K-1W13Maria Kallman10011
K-1W24Shannon Reeves21123
K-1W36Jessica Shore62232
K-1W410Deb Kendzierski34345
K-1W512Renee Gelblat53456
K-1W613Loree Weldon45004
K-1W717Fulton, Emma06567
K-1W822Skinner, Sara07078
K-1W922Eichfield, Erin08689
K-113Matt Weldon11101
K-125Robbie Fulton22312
K-137Rich Kulawiec33223
K-1413Scott Fairty40405
K-1514Paul Hoda56584
K-1618Preperato, T.J.07038
K-1718Steve Barr7510611
K-1820Dowling, Tyler04790
K-1921Brad Striebig60906
K-11021Aaron Mann90057
K-11121Swope, Stephen09678
K-11221Robert Horlacher80049
K-11330Skinner, Larry0801012
K-11431Fisher, Levi010121110
K-11536Kurtis Palmero100141313
K-11636Campman, Robert01111014
K-11736Rick Powell1113151216
K-11840Bell, Drew01213015
K-11944Brown, Samuel01416140
C-2M13Caroline Ortmann/Rich Kulawiec11111
C-2M26Erin Eichfeld/Steve Eichfeld02222
C-2W13Amanda Weldon/Shannon Reeves11101
C-2W26Renee Gelblat/Loree Weldon22002
C-213Will Seeley/Allan Frans11211
C-225Smith, Robert/Druian, Peter02132
C-238Kurtz, David/Fisher, Levi03320
C-249Rick Powell/Casey Eichfeld24443
C-2514Smith, Adam/Smith, Robert05554

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