2000 Pennsylvania Cup Championship Final Standings

Note: These were calculated after the fact, by hand, from results. As a result, they (a) don't include open boats, at least not yet, and (b) might be wrong. Please be assured that eventually I'll get them cleaned up and make those problems go away. ---Rsk 10/2000
Riversport SLLehigh SLCodorus SLFiddler's Elbow SLBellefonte SL
ClassPlacePointsNamePenn Cup PointsPenn Cup PointsPenn Cup PointsPenn Cup PointsPenn Cup Points
C-113Kurtis Palmero11101
C-125Casey Eichfeld22212
C-139Marshall Anderson03334
C-148John Koeppe30023
C-2M13Rich Kulawiec/Natalie Thomas11021
C-2M24Greg Wojcik/Renee Gelblat02110
C-2M37Sara Barontini/Jon Braun23032
C-213Rick Powell/Casey Eichfeld10111
C-225Dave Kurtz/Lane Clark01222
C-239Marshall Anderson/Erik Bertelsen00333
K-1W13Molly Stock10011
K-1W24Renee Gelblat21120
K-1W36Erin Eichfeld32232
K-113Kurtis Palmero11101
K-125Drew Bell22312
K-138Rich Kulawiec33253
K-1412Jacob Weiss40026
K-15 (tiebreak)14Paul Miller109464
K-1614Rick Powell64040
K-1717Will Seeber50039
K-1818Lane Clark135687
K-1922Jon Braun77098
K-11023David Nash110075
K-111 (tiebreak)28Paul Pitts81001010
K-11228Greg Wojcik087130
K-11329Bob Horlacher0601112
K-11431Dale Bertelsen1205014
K-11532Jim Powell9001211
K-11636Dan Phillips01291516
K-117 (tiebreak)38Tim Braun141101413
K-11838Eric Bertelsen1508015
K-11946Craig Horlacher01301617

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